Martin oldgoth

martin oldgoth writes his name in lower case, he likes it like that.

There are not many DJ's in the goth scene for whom the words 'infamous' or 'renowned' can be
used but martin oldgoth is one of them. Beginning his 'career' in 1985, over the years he has built a
reputation that today sees him at the forefront of his field, and the DJ of choice for many special events.

This reputation has seen him called upon to DJ the 25th anniversary Batcave reunion with Specimen,
and working alongside such leading names as Alien Sex Fiend at both their 25th and 30th anniversary
shows, The Mission UK for the 25th Anniversary homecoming gig aftershow party, and The March Violets,
for their return to London after what had been 25 years, as well as several other events and festivals.

As one of the worlds most well known goth and dark alternative DJs he has worked at events as far
afield as Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), Bats Day (US), The Whitby Goth Weekend (UK), Emergency Exit Festival (AUS), A Murder of Crows (NY, US)  and several UK and US clubs.

martin oldgoth spins goth, post punk and the darker side of indie, but will also throw in some deathrock
and a little 'billy if the occasion calls for it.