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An old school goth night with a diverse mix of the old and new.

The artists you love, the ones you don't hear enough of,
and the new ones that are leading the way forward.
The tracks you love to hear but not the ones you always hear,
and new ones that are destined to become future classics.

No ebm, no metal, no industrial, no cheese.
Just a goth night like they used to be.
Dark. Eclectic. Decadent.

Goth, Post Punk, Deathrock, Dark Indie/Alternative
and Twisted Rock 'n' Roll.
From goth chic to zombie trash.


This night now runs at special events only:

The next one is


If you want to book us for your event,
please CONTACT martin oldgoth

We also think you'll love what took it's place at the
Whitby Goth Weekend....