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Imagine a night combining all the elements of Nostalgia with the best
bits from Recollection. Now imagine if that night also played a fair bit of new stuff
as well, from the new dark indie and post punk bands.

It'd be like clubs used to be wouldn't it?

All the great tracks you love, but without relying on the ‘hits’, and a
chance to hear newer bands alongside them to discover new favourites.

We proudly present:


martin oldgoth and DJBen, and occasional guests, bring you classic
and new goth, post punk, deathrock, dark indie / alternative sounds
mixed in with those too often forgotten New Romantic and New Wave classics.

And still no EBM, metal, industrial or cheese!

It'd be like the nights you loved never went away...

(sadly though, this night has now gone away, we're on a temporary enforced break but we'll be back)

click for tickets: